Sell Your House Now
Think about these questions:
Is your property vacant and costing you money?
Is it in need of repair?
Is it a challenging rental?
Are you not able  to sell?
Missed payments and  facing foreclosure ?
Going through a divorce and thinking to sell the house?
Relocating and need to sell fast ?
Inherited a property and don't know what to do with it?


​If you answered Yes​ to any of these questions, we may be able to help! Please call our 24 Hours Recorded Message line at  (319) 237-7700 to learn more about out operations or  send us your property information and we will be happy to call you!

Not sure you want to sell at this time, but having a difficult time making your payments? 
Contact us to learn more about our rental program!

Additional Information and Testimonials:
How To Sell Your Home Quickly & Easily Without Hiring an Agent?
Contact All American Home Buyers!

Late on Payments? Facing foreclosure?
Can't afford your payments any longer?
You are Not Alone!
Contact The National Foreclosure Prevention Center!

Is Your Property Overleveraged or Upside Down?
Have more than one Mortgage or Home Equity loan?
Unable to Keep up with Payments?
Contact Short Sale Expedited™ to learn more about Short Sale options!

All of the options above are available to you without any costs or obligations,  and your information will always remain private!
Someone who can benefit
Do you know someone who ownes a distressed property? ​
​No money for repairs,
​Missed a few mortgage payments ,
Upside down on their mortgage, ​​ or no equity,
​Unable to sell without taking a loss,
​Going through a divorce and need to sell fast,
Vacant Properties,

Please send us yours and theirs contact information   with the word"Referral" in subject line and if the deal closes, receive: 
$200 Referral Fee​!*

* Referral fees are payed out upon successfull closing of the referred transaction. The referral amount may exceed the amount advertized.
Don't let your current situation define you. There always is another way!
Let's work together to find it!